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It’s time to address the poop in the room.

A 2016 study shows that as many as 16% of people suffer from toilet anxiety or an overwhelming fear of perceived scrutiny and anxiety when pooping in public. This includes symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, muscle tension, as well as conditions that cause significant psychological, interpersonal, and social impairment. Furthermore, sufferers of toilet anxiety don’t talk about it with their partners (25.4%), friends (58.7%) or family members (44.4%).

At Capsule we’re on a mission to reduce social anxieties and give power back to the public pooper.

Capsule was founded in 2019 by flatmates and fashion/product designers Tom and Carl. Hosting regular dinner parties at their Hackney flat, they were underwhelmed with the look, smell, and general sentiment of market-leading toilet spray products for their guests to use. From there on in, they took it upon themselves to solve the problem of dinner-party pooping etiquette once and for all and make pooping in public a better and less daunting experience for all.